Once you have successfully submitted to another platform (See [Distribution](<https://www.notion.so/brignell/Distribution-ca702ae32eaf4f42a34fc09255c58e11>)) you're able to add a subscribe button for that platform to your [Podcast Page](<https://www.notion.so/brignell/Podcast-Page-bbaf0207d01d4a8d95ac85a9037149a3>).


If you've submitted to Apple Podcasts you're able to display a button for your listeners to

Subscribe buttons appear on:

Adding subscribe buttons

For some platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify and iHeart we'll automatically detect and add your URL when you next visit the [Distribution](<https://www.notion.so/brignell/Distribution-ca702ae32eaf4f42a34fc09255c58e11>) page.